Faith in Older People (FiOP) is delighted that you have visited Spiritual Care MattersWe hope that this will provide a good starting point for you and your organisation to give attention to spiritual care and wellbeing, a vital aspect in supporting older people in all caring situations whether it is a care home, care at home, hospital, health setting or the local church. 

For many people, ‘spiritual’ probably means religious beliefs or different faiths. Whilst this is true, ‘spiritual’ has a wider meaning such as our purpose in life, the relationships we build and our connectedness to the things that are important to us. Put simply, spirituality is what gives meaning and value to a person’s life. Spiritual wellbeing involves how we look after these things. Looking after spiritual wellbeing is important in supporting the people we care for and for sustaining a happy and contented workforce. 

Whilst wrecognise that spiritual care is already happening through daily small acts of kindness, thChecklist aims to help you to assess and identify how your organisation can get better at supporting spiritual care and wellbeing. We are also pleased to introduce FiOP’s e-learning courses as a starting point for this improvement journey. 

Supporting the spiritual needs of older people explores how spiritual care is defined, what it means in practice and why it matters. 

Looking after your own spiritual wellbeing explores why it is important to look after your own spiritual wellbeing for coping in emotionally demanding situations. 

FiOP emphasises that recognising and appreciating the spiritual dimension is fundamental to the ‘what matters to me approach which is widely adopted.  We hope that you will use the eLearning courses to enhance your understanding of spiritual care and therefore enable the spiritual care needs of those for whom you care to be met. 

Maureen O’Neill