E-learning courses

Spiritual Care Matters are a series of e-learning courses for front-line staff and volunteers working in care homes, health and other care settings.  

Find out more about the courses and how they work by listening to our introductory podcast.  

Spiritual Care Matters 1: Supporting the Spiritual Needs of Older People


This course builds confidence, skills and resilience to support the spiritual well-being of older people.  

The course explores how spiritual care is defined, what it means in practice and why it matters to support the spiritual needs of older people.  

Spiritual Care Matters 2:
Looking after your own Spiritual Wellbeing

This course speaks directly to care workers and their need to develop tools for coping in emotionally demanding situations.  

The course explores why it is important to look after yourself, builds your skills and confidence and will help you find support when you need it. 

What’s involved? 

Listening and learning from the course podcasts. Each course involves five half-hour ‘lessons’ that you receive in a daily email. You can access the course through a laptop, computer, tablet, smart phone. You’ll need an internet connection to receive the daily emails and podcasts.  

Both courses use Scottish Social Services Council  Open Badges to recognise learning for ongoing staff development and provide important evidence of learning for registration. 

“I’ll use the learning from the course to plan more conversation openers with the people I work with.”