Day 2: Communication and relationship building

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Today’s Task

Top tip: Try some active listening during a short conversation with one of the residents to see how you get on.

Task One

Use a moment during your day to practice your listening.

Our task for today is all about active listening. We would like you to use a moment when you are having a conversation with a resident. As you are listening try to be more aware of how you are listening.

  • Did you have eye contact?
  • What was your body language – open, smiling, relaxed?
  • How approachable were you?
  • Were you active listening or were you a bit distracted?

Task Two

Answer the following questions in the comments section. You should aim to spend 5-10 minutes on this.

  1. Briefly describe your active listening conversation with a resident.
  2. How did the resident respond?
  3. What active listening skills did you use?
  4. Did you have any difficulties with this task and if so what were they?

Well done. We hope you enjoyed today’s task. We will be using active listening skills again during the week so you will get another go.

One thought on “Day 2: Communication and relationship building

  • Lesley Greenaway

    Hi – hope you are finding the course is working so far. Also, thanks to the folk at Davidson House who helped so much with the podcast interviews. 🙂

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