Day 3: Spiritual care – values, principles and practice in care homes

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Today’s Task

Top tip: Finding out is like being a detective and involves talking to people who you think will know the answers.

Task One: Find out about …

For today’s task we want you to do a bit of detective work. After hearing in our podcast about the importance of core values such as love, respect and dignity, we would like you to find out about the core values of your care home. To do this you should arrange to have a short discussion with your supervisor or team leader or the care home manager or the chaplain if there is one attached to your care home. Ask them about the following:

  1. What are the core values of the care home?
  2. What are examples of these values in practice?
  3. How are new staff introduced to these core values?

Remember yesterday’s work on active listening. This is another chance to try your skills.

Task Two:

Answer the following questions in the comments section. You should aim to spend 5-10 minutes on this.
Imagine that you are asked to look after a new care worker on their first day.

  1. How would you help them to understand what the core values of the care home are?
  2. What advice or tips would you give them about how to support the spiritual needs of residents?

Be specific here – try to identify 3 tips.

That’s day 3 done. Remember if you have any questions to get in touch with your support contact – sooner rather than later.

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  • Lesley Greenaway

    Hi – How are you getting on with the course so far? Don’t forget to keep a note of any feedback and anything you notice that needs correcting. Lesley

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