Day 4: Having a meaningful conversation

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Today’s Task

Top tip: Ask a resident that you already have a good relationship with to help you in this task.

Task One: Having a meaningful conversation

You should aim to spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Choose an activity that fits best with your role and the residents that you have contact with. Use this activity as the setting for having a meaningful conversation. Here are some examples but you may have a better one. The point here is that often conversations are easier and more meaningful when they are combined with an activity that already happens.

Here are some examples to choose from:

  • Walking and talking –go for a walk with a resident and have a meaningful conversation.
  • Tea and chat – have a meaningful conversation over a cup of tea.
  • In the fresh air – have a meaningful conversation outside (if the weather is fine!).
  • During the day-to-day moments – have a meaningful conversation while getting dressed or helping with the washing up.
  • During an activity – have a meaningful conversation while doing some art or gardening or sewing or knitting.

Use these starter questions to help you to get and keep the conversation going.

  • What are the little things that make you smile, that give you hope, the things that make you tick?
  • Why are these little things important?
  • What is the one/best thing that staff can do to make you smile?

Task Two: Feedback

Answer the following questions in the comments section. You should aim to spend about 10 minutes on this.

  1. Briefly describe the activity you chose?
  2. Do you feel that the activity made a difference?
  3. How did the resident respond to the conversation –was it a positive response or maybe it was quite challenging?
  4. What would you do differently the next time you have a meaningful conversation – can you identify 2-3 things?

Today we hope you have found it useful to try out your learning in a practical way.