The Checklist

Use our Challenge Questions to check how well your organisation supports spiritual wellbeing. Consider each question and decide on a score between 0 (poor), 5 (ok) and 10 (excellent). From your scores, you decide if there is more that your organisation could do to support spiritual wellbeing.  

Top tip: You might find it helpful to discuss these questions with others in the organisation. 

How well do you understand spiritual care and wellbeing and why it is important?
To what extent is spiritual care and wellbeing built into the ‘woodwork’ of your organisation?By this we mean the culture, values and practices that shape the way that your organisation works.
How aware are staff and volunteers of what supporting spiritual wellbeing means and why it is important?
To what extent are staff, from activity coordinator to cook to support staff, seen as having a role in supporting the spiritual needs of older people?
How well does your organisation help staff to develop the skills and confidence for supporting spiritual care and wellbeing through for example training, supervision, time-out, counselling?
How well does your organisation encourage staff to look after their own spiritual wellbeing for example by talking with others or activities like walking and swimming?
Are there sufficient resources allocated for supporting the spiritual wellbeing of staff and do they know how to access this support if they need it?
To what extent does your organisation gather feedback from residents, families and staff on how well it supports spiritual care and wellbeing?
Does your organisation recognise and/or celebrate good spiritual care?
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